Katherine L. Jungjohann

Katie Jungjohann

Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies,
Science Thrust: Nanoscale Electronics & Mechanics

Phone 505-284-6892
Fax 505-284-7778

PO Box 5800, MS 1304
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM 87185


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Education and Training

Undergraduate: University of Redlands, Chemistry, B.S. 2008
Graduate: University of California, Davis, Materials Science, Ph.D. 2012


Katie’s research is focused on the development and use of in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques to understand the structural/chemical changes to nanomaterials upon external stimulus. At CINT, available in situ holders include the nanoindentation, STM, AFM, heating, and a microfluidic liquid cell. Previous work was dedicated to characterizing the structure and growth of nanoparticles in solution using a hermetically sealed liquid cell within the TEM. Current activities are dedicated to the implementation of the electrochemical cell discovery platform for high resolution imaging of anode and cathode electrode materials during lithiation cycling.

Selected Publications

  • Experimental Procedures to Mitigate Electron Beam Induced Artifacts during In Situ Fluid Imaging of Nanomaterials, T.J. Woehl, K.L. Jungjohann; J.E. Evans; I. Arslan; W.D. Ristenpart; N.D. Browning, Ultramicro., 127, 53(2013).
  • Dynamic Transmission Electron Microscopy, J.E. Evans; K.L. Jungjohann; N.D. Browning, In: Characterization of Materials, E.N. Kaufmann (ed.), pp. 1774-1787, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, Hoboken, NJ(2013).
  • Atomic-Scale Imaging and Spectroscopy for In Situ Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, K.L. Jungjohann; J.E. Evans; J.A. Aguiar; I. Arslan; N.D. Browning, Microsc. Microanal., 18, 621(2012).
  • Visualizing Macromolecular Complexes with In Situ Liquid Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, J.E. Evans; K.L. Jungjohann; P.C.K. Wong; P.-L. Chiu; G.H. Dutrow; I. Arslan; N.D. Browning, Micron, 43, 1085(2012).
  • Controlled Growth of Nanoparticles from Solution with In Situ Liquid Transmission Electron Microscopy, J.E. Evans; K.L. Jungjohann; N.D. Browning; I. Arslan, Nano Lett., 11, 2809(2011).

Selected User Projects:

  • Electrochemically Induced Degradation in Nanostructured Electrodes for Lithium Ion Batteries: In Situ TEM and Multiphysics Modeling, Ting Zhu, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Nanoscale Study of NaFePO­4 Cathodes for Sodium Ion Batteries, Liangbing Hu, University of Maryland
  • In Situ TEM Studies on Metal Wires, Matthew Janish, University of Connecticut