Nathan Mara

Acting Partner Science Leader
Science Thrust: Nanoscale Electronics and Mechanics

Phone: 505-667-8665
Fax: 505-665-9030

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545


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Education and Training

Undergraduate: University of California at Davis, Mech. Eng. and Materials Science, B.S. 2000
Graduate: University of California at Davis, Materials Science and Eng., PhD 2005


Technical staff member, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mar 2008 - present
Director's Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dec 2005 - Mar 2008
Graduate student research assistant, University of California at Davis, Apr 2000 - Nov 2005


-Nanomechanical behavior of nanocomposites, metals, ceramics, intermetallics, and metallic glasses
-Bulk synthesis of structural nanomaterials
-Microstructural characterization of materials via Electron Microscopy (SEM, TEM, HRTEM, STEM, in-situ techniques)
-Development of novel mechanical testing techniques

Selected Publications

  • S. Zheng, I.J. Beyerlein, J.S. Carpenter, K. Kang, J. Wang, W.Z. Han, N.A. Mara, "High strength and thermally stable bulk nanolayered composites due to twin-induced interfaces", Nature Communications, 2013, Vol.4, pp.1696 (2013)
  • I.J. Beyerlein, N.A. Mara, J.S. Carpenter, T.R. Nizolek, K. Kang, S. Zheng, J. Wang, T.M. Pollock,
    "Interface-driven microstructure development and ultra high strength of bulk nanostructured Cu-Nb multilayers fabricated by severe plastic deformation", Journal of Materials Research, 2013, p. 1-14 (2013).
  • N.A. Mara, J. Crapps, T. Wynn, K. Clarke, A. Antoniou, P. Dickerson, D.E. Dombrowski, and B. Mihaila,"Defining Strength of Metallic Bonded Interfaces via Microcantilever Bend Testing", Philosophical Magazine, 2013 p. 1-10 (2013).
  • G. Gupta, J.C. Thorp, N.A. Mara, et al., "Morphology and porosity of nanoporous Au thin films formed by dealloying of AuxSi1-x", Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 112, iss. 9, 094320 (2012).
  • N. Ozdemir, I. Karaman, N.A. Mara, Y.I. Chumlyakov, H.E. Karaca, "Size effects in the superelastic response of Ni54Fe19Ga27 shape memory alloy pillars with a two stage martensitic transformation", Acta Materialia, Vol.60, iss. 16, p. 5670-5685 (2012).
  • J.S. Carpenter, X. Liu, A. Darbal, N.T. Nuhfer, R.J. McCabe, S.C. Vogel, J.E. LeDonne, A.D. Rollett, K. Barmak, I.J. Beyerlein, N.A. Mara, "A comparison of texture results obtained using precession electron diffraction and neutron diffraction methods at diminishing length scales in ordered bimetallic nanolamellar composites", Scripta Materialia, Vol. 67, iss. 4, p. 336-339 (2012).

Selected User Projects

  • The Nanomechanical Response of Cu/Nb Nanolamellar Composites Fabricated via Accumulative Roll Bonding PI: J. Carpenter
  • Nanoscale plasticity with energetic and inert molecular single crystals PI: K. Ramos
  • In situ and ex situ Mechanical Deformation of Nanocomposites PI: Nan Li
  • SEM in-situ Compression of Hollow Gold Nanospheres PI's: Michael Lund and Bill Gerberich, U. of Minnesota
  • Establishing the yield strength of polycrystalline nano porous metals PI: Antonia Antoniou, Georgia Tech
  • Investigating the high strength properties of lipid/silica nano-bio-composites PI: Jeff Brinker, Sandia/UNM