Gabriel A. Montano

Technical Staff Member, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Science Thrust: Soft, Biological & Composite Nanomaterials

Phone: 505-184-8236
Fax: 505-284-7778

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545


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Education and Training

Undergraduate: New Mexico State University, Biology, B.S. 1997
Graduate: Arizona State University, Mol. Cell. Biology Ph.D. 2002


My lab is interested in studying dynamic complexes and processes in natural and bio-synthetic membrane architectures.  Our efforts in natural systems focus on investigating light-harvesting  (LH) and energy transfer mechanisms in green photosynthetic bacteria.  These bacteria utilize a unique light-harvesting complex, called the chlorosome, that relies heavily on mechanisms of self-assembly, devoid of protein scaffolds, unlike other LH systems.  The unique structure and remarkable light-harvesting capability of these complexes make them model systems for investigating energy transfer phenomena.  We use molecular and cellular biology techniques to modify the natural systems and biochemical and biophysical techniques to investigate effects on light-harvesting and energy transfer function.  Synthetically, we are interested in investigating membrane dynamics in phospholipid and block copolymer based assemblies.  Our focus is on exploring how we can predict and control nano-bio interactions in membrane assemblies to create new dynamic materials.

Selected Publications

  • Montaño, G.A.*, Adams, P.G., Xiao, X., & Goodwin, P.M. Scanning probe microscopy of nanocomposite membrane assemblies- dynamic organization and mechanics. Adv. Funct. Mater.: 23(20) 2576-2591.
  • Tian, Y., Busani, T., Uyeda, G.H., Martin, K.E., van Swol, F., Medforth, C.J., Montaño, G.A. & Shelnutt, J.A. (2012) Hybrid Cooperative Binary Ionic Porphyrin Nanocomposites.  Chem Comm. 48(40):4863-5
  • Goertz, M.P., Marks, L.E. & Montaño, G.A*.  (2012)  Biomimetic Monolayer and Bilayer Membranes Made From Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Micelles. ACS Nano: 6(2):1532-40.
  • Xiao, X.,  Montaño, G.A., Allen, A., Achyuthan, K.E., Wheeler, D.R., Brozik, S.M.  Lipid bilayer templated gold nanoparticles nanoring formation using zirconium ion coordination chemistry.  Langmuir. 27 (15): 9484-9489.
  • Goertz, M.P., Goyal, N., Montaño, G.A.* & Bunker, B.C.*  (2011)  Lipid bilayer reorganization under extreme pH conditions.  Langmuir. 10.1021/la2001305
  • Goertz, M.P., Goyal, N., Bunker, B.C., & Montaño, G.A.*  (2011)  Substrate effects on interactions of lipid bilayer assemblies with bound nanoparticles.  J. Coll. & Interf. Sci. 10.1016/j.jcis.2011.02.063
  • Achermann, M., Jeong, S., Balet, L., Montaño, G.A. & Hollingsworth, J.A.  (2011)  Efficient quantum dot-quantum-quantum dot-dye energy transfer in biotemplated assemblies.  ACS Nano: 5 (3): 1761-1768.
  • Gupta, G., Rathod, S.B., Staggs, K.W., Ista, L.K., Abbou-Cucherif, K., Atanassov, P.B. , Tartis, M.S., Montaño, G.A., & Lopez, G.P.   (2010) CVD for Facile Synthesis of Hybrid Nano-Biomaterials Integrating Functional Supramolecular Assemblies. Science.  Langmuir 25: 2986-2993.
  • Montaño, G.A., Wu, H-M., Lin, S., Brune, D.C., and Blankenship, R.E. (2003)  Isolation and characterization of the B795 baseplate light-harvesting complex from the chlorosomes of Chloroflexus aurantiacus. Biochemistry 42: 10246-10251.
  • Montaño, G.A.,  Bowen, B.P., LaBelle, J.T.,  Woodbury, N.W., Pizziconi, V.B., and  Blankenship, R.E. (2003) Characterization of Chlorobium tepidum chlorosomes- A calculation of bacteriochlorophyll  c per chlorosome and oligomer modeling. Biophysical Journal 85(5): 2560-2565.

Selected User Projects

  • Nanofabricated arrays of light-harvesting complexes, Neil Hunter, University of Sheffield
  • Interaction of Tau Protein with Model Lipid Membranes in Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease, Eva Chi, University of New Mexico
  • Soft mesoporous materials for the immobilization of Carbonic Anhydrase, Nathan Bouxsein, Sandia National Laboratories