Taisuke Ohta

Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Science Thrust: Nanoscale Electronics & Mechanics

Phone: 505-284-3167
Fax: 505-844-5470

Mail Stop 1415
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, NM 87185


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Taisuke’s research interests have focused on the atomic arrangements, electronic structure, and mesoscopic-scale diffusion processes on surfaces. His current activities center on applications of the low energy and photoemission electron microscope (LEEM-PEEM) for problems in materials ranging from semiconductors to two-dimensional crystals. He is also developing deep UV light sources to expand surface electron spectroscopies using PEEM. 

Selected Publications

  • Evidence for interlayer coupling and moiré periodic potentials in twisted bilayer graphene, T. Ohta, J. T. Robinson, P. J. Feibelman, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, T. E. Beechem, Phys. Rev. Lett., 109, 186807 (2012).
  • The role of carbon surface diffusion on the growth of epitaxial graphene on SiC, T. Ohta, N. C. Bartelt, S. Nie, K. Thürmer, G. L. Kellogg, Phys. Rev. B, 81, 121411(R) (2010).
  • Towards Wafer-Size Graphene Layers by Atmospheric Pressure Graphitization of Silicon Carbide, K.V. Emtsev, A. Bostwick, K. Horn, J. Jobst, G. L. Kellogg, L. Ley, J. L. McChesney, T. Ohta, S. A. Reshanov, J. Röhrl, E. Rotenberg, A. K. Schmid, D. Waldmann, H. B. Weber, and T. Seyller, Nature Materials, 8, 203 (2009).
  • Coupled Pb Chains on Si(557): Origin of One-Dimensional Conductance, C. Tegenkamp, T. Ohta, J. L. McChesney, H. Dil, E. Rotenberg, H. Pfnür, K. Horn, Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 076802 (2008).
  • Controlling the electronic structure of bilayer graphene, T. Ohta, A. Bostwick, T. Seyller, K. Horn, E. Rotenberg, Science, 313, 951 (2006).

Selected User Projects:

  • LEEM Imaging of MoS2 Monolayer on SiO2 to establish grain size/alignment, Ludwig Bartels, University of California - Riverside
  • Imaging Nanoscale Chemical and Electronic Structure Variations in Thin Film Photovoltaic Materials with Low Energy Electron Microscopy, Calvin Chan, Sandia National Laboratories