Ting S. (Willie) Luk

Scientist, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Science Thrust:Nanophotonics and Optical Nanomaterials

Phone 505-844-8931
Fax 505-284-7690

1515 Eubank Blvd. SE
Sandia National Laboratory
Albuquerque, NM  87123


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Education and Training

Undergraduate, U. of Hawaii, Manoa, B.Sc., 1975
Graduate: State University of New York, Stony Brook, Ph.D., 1981


Dr. Luk was trained as an atomic physicist and his professional experience can be roughly divided into two periods.  After graduating from State University of New York at Stony Brook, he spent a good fraction of his career in coherent x-ray source generation using high power laser to create high energy density matter.   After that, he pursues to find ways to enhance ligh-matter interaction using nanostructured material such as photonic crystal, plasmonic nanoparticles and metamaterials.

Selected Publications

  • J. A. Martinez, J.-H. Cho, X. Liu, T. S. Luk, J. Huang, S. T. Picraux, J. P. Sullivan, and B. S. Swartzentruber, "Contribution of radial dopant concentration to the thermoelectric properties of core-shell nanowires," Applied Physics Letters 102(2013).
  • T. S. Luk, I. Kim, S. Campione, S. W. Howell, G. S. Subramania, R. K. Grubbs, I. Brener, H.-T. Chen, S. Fan, and M. B. Sinclair, "Near-infrared surface plasmon polariton dispersion control with hyperbolic metamaterials," Opt. Express 21, 11107-11114 (2013). 
  • N. T. Fofang, T. S. Luk, M. Okandan, G. N. Nielson, and I. Brener, "Substrate-modified scattering properties of silicon nanostructures for solar energy applications," Opt. Express 21, 4774-4782 (2013).
  • H. Xu, J. B. Wright, T.-S. Luk, J. J. Figiel, K. Cross, L. F. Lester, G. Balakrishnan, G. T. Wang, I. Brener, and Q. Li, "Single-mode lasing of GaN nanowire-pairs," Applied Physics Letters 101, 113106-113104 (2012).
  • H. Xu, J. B. Wright, A. Hurtado, Q. Li, T.-S. Luk, J. J. Figiel, K. Cross, G. Balakrishnan, L. F. Lester, I. Brener, and G. T. Wang, "Gold substrate-induced single-mode lasing of GaN nanowires," Applied Physics Letters 101(2012).
  • G. Subramania, A. J. Fischer, and T. S. Luk, "Optical properties of metal-dielectric based epsilon near zero metamaterials," Applied Physics Letters 101, 241107-241104 (2012).
  • Q. Li, J. B. Wright, W. W. Chow, T. S. Luk, I. Brener, L. F. Lester, and G. T. Wang, "Single-mode GaN nanowire lasers," Opt. Express 20, 17873-17879 (2012).
  • A. Kar, Q. Li, P. C. Upadhya, M. A. Seo, J. Wright, T. S. Luk, G. T. Wang, and R. P. Prasankumar, "The influence of radial heterostructuring on carrier dynamics in gallium nitride nanowires," Applied Physics Letters 101, 143104 (2012).
  • T. S. Luk, S. Xiong, W. W. Chow, X. Miao, G. Subramania, P. J. Resnick, A. J. Fischer, and J. C. Brinker, "Anomalous enhanced emission from PbS quantum dots on a photonic-crystal microcavity," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 28, 1365-1373 (2011).
  • W. Li, X. Miao, T. S. Luk, and P. Zhang, "Reporter-Embedded TiO2 Core−Mixed Metal Shell Nanoparticles with Enormous Average Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Enhancement Factors," The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, 3318-3326 (2011).
  • S. Xiong, X. Miao, J. Spencer, C. Khripin, T. S. Luk, and C. J. Brinker, "Integration of a Close-Packed Quantum Dot Monolayer with a Photonic-Crystal Cavity Via Interfacial Self-Assembly and Transfer," Small 6, 2126 (2010).
  • X. Miao, I. Brener, and T. S. Luk, "Nanocomposite plasmonic fluorescence emitters with core/shell configurations," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 27, 1561-1570 (2010).

Selected User Projects

  • Integration of nanophotonic structures with high Q microcavities, J.C. Brinker, NSF/UNM Center for Micro-Engineered Materials, University of New Mexico
  • Investigating optical response from plasmonic nanostructures as SERS substrates, P. Zhang, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.
  • Full Rotation of Particles by Photonic Crystal Trapping, Benjamin K. Wilson, University of Washington, Seattle.