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Los Alamos National LaboratoryCenter for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Helping you understand, create, and characterize nanomaterials

User FAQs

CINT's objective is to foster scientific discovery enabling the integration of nanoscience concepts and structures into the micro and macro worlds.


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The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) is a Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences Nanoscale Science Research Center jointly operated by Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories.

Who can be a CINT User

Individuals and teams from industry, academia, and government institutions are invited to submit proposals to conduct research at CINT. Foreign National users can work at CINT if their visit is planned with sufficient lead-time. Collaborations with CINT scientists are encouraged but not required. CINT cannot provide financial support to users.

How to apply

During an open Call for Proposals, log onto the website, provide the user information requested, and insert text in the required fields that contains the proposed research to be performed at CINT and its potential impact.

Approved proposals

Approved proposals will have an 18 month duration. Results of non-proporietary must be published in peer-reviewed technical publications in order to comply with Federal requirements for no-fee access to CINT. Continuation proposals will be considered if prior progress is satisfactory.

Non-proprietary research

As a National user facility, CINT provides access to its staff and capabilities for nanoscale science research at no fee to approved users for non-proprietary research.

Proprietary research

Proprietary research may be conducted under a full-cost recovery agreement.

What are the goals of CINT?

The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT) is a Department of Energy, Basic Energy Sciences Nanoscale Science Research Center jointly operated by Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. As part of the National Nanoscience Initiative, CINT provides user access to technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment for nanoscale science research at no cost to users, except for proprietary research. CINT scientists and users partner to foster scientific discovery enabling the integration of nanoscience concepts and structures into the micro and macro worlds.

How will CINT achieve its goals?

CINT has established four Science Thrusts in which new fundamental discoveries and understanding will enable the novel properties of nanostructured materials to be exploited by integration into microscale and larger systems. In addition, CINT Nanoscience Integration Challenges span multiple Scientific Thrusts and serve to focus this expertise. Each Integration Challenge identifies nanoscience integration research that will have significant impact by creating or enabling new nanotechnologies with multiple applications.

How do I contact CINT scientists?

CINT contact names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are available on the website (

How do I find out which capabilities are at Los Alamos, at Sandia, or at both Sandia and Los Alamos?

Contacts are listed on the web site for each capability. These contacts can provide information as to the location of the capability and associated equipment.

How do I bring an idea to CINT and work with CINT to develop it?

We seek your participation in shaping the CINT nanoscience integration program. Developing new concepts, ideas, and directions with the community is an essential part of the CINT vision. If your idea is aligned with a CINT Scientist’s research interests (listed on the web site), contact that person. If your idea is more general, contact the appropriate CINT Thrust Leader(s) or a member of the CINT management team.

What if I need access to CINT and another NSRC or user facility to have a successful project?

The five DOE NSRCs are working closely together in building the DOE’s nanoscale science program. We have regular meetings to establish common processes and practices. At present however, users must apply to each DOE Nanoscale Science Research Center or National User Facility for access to their respective capabilities.

How do I give CINT a suggestion on a capability that I think you should have?

We invite your suggestions either by feedback at our User Workshops or by contacting a CINT Thrust Leader, CINT Scientist, or member of the management team.

Does CINT have a User Committee like other National User Facilities?

Yes. For information, please see the CINT UEC web site. You can contact the UEC Chair or the CINT User Program Manager with additional questions.


If I have a post-doc or student I would like to place, does CINT have employment opportunities?

CINT will have a limited number of post-doc and student intern positions that will be advertised on the web site. CINT will refer employment inquiries for staff positions to relevant organizations at SNL and LANL for consideration.

Can I get travel support to come and work at CINT?

As with all DOE/BES national user facilities, CINT does not provide travel support as a part of the user program. However, both Los Alamos and Sandia laboratories have programs outside of CINT that may be able to provide some support on a limited basis. Please contact a CINT scientist or thrust leader to discuss these possibilities.

I do not have a large travel budget. Will there be assistance for obtaining “inexpensive” housing while at CINT?

CINT understands that this is an important issue for many potential users. Realistic cost-of-living information will be available from the CINT User Administrator that will arrange your visit. CINT does not operate housing facilities.

While at CINT, how do I pay for and get supplies that I need to do my work?

The proposal you submit must describe the project support, including the supplies that would be needed from CINT. Notice of user acceptance will indicate what supplies CINT can provide and those that must be provided by the User.

Could I bring some of my own equipment with me to use while at CINT?

Yes you can, depending on what the equipment is and how it will be used. The plan to bring your own equipment must be described in your proposal. Any such equipment must be approved in advance and meet the required LANL or SNL environmental, safety and health requirements. Please discuss this issue with a CINT scientist during the development of your proposal.

Can I bring and use my own computer while at CINT?

Yes, with advance notice and approval. Internet access for users with non-SNL or non-LANL personal computers will be via a special network for external connectivity. In addition, CINT-owned computers are available for users to access the Internet.

How do I get on the Internet, check my e-mail, and access my home computer system while at CINT?

CINT users will be provided telephone and external web access.

What are the operating hours for working at CINT?

Normal working hours for Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories is approximately 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Approval to work beyond these hours can be obtained. Such approval will be dependent many factors including the type of research activity that would be conducted outside of normal hours and what additional training might be required to meet laboratory and DOE health and safety regulations.

I’ve worked at Sandia/LANL before. How is CINT different?

As a DOE/BES national user facility, CINT has a mission to provide nanoscience capabilities for use by external scientists. Working together, the external and internal scientists in the CINT community will define future directions in nanoscience integration and, therefore, the future of CINT itself.

CINT User Proposal

How do I find out what it will really take to write a successful CINT User Proposal?

The Call for CINT User Proposals and the CINT web site describe the capabilities available, scientific focus, and evaluation process. Briefly, user proposals are first screened for feasibility, then prioritized by an external panel, and approved by management based upon availability of resources. Scientific impact, relevance to the Call for User Proposals, and qualifications of the investigators are the criteria used by the external panel to prioritize the user proposals.

Can I get a CINT scientist to work with me to help create a proposal?

Yes! Contact a CINT scientist; they are ready to work with you. CINT strongly encourages collaborations with our staff members.

Is it necessary to collaborate? Are my chances of acceptance the same either way?

It is not necessary to collaborate in order to be a CINT User. All proposals will be given equal consideration in this regard. Each proposal will be evaluated for scientific quality and feasibility. After external review, accepted proposals will be prioritized based upon scientific merit and relevance to the objectives stated in the proposal call and available resources.

Can I work primarily with a scientist at one lab and also have access to another capability (synthesis, characterization, etc.) at the other lab?

Absolutely yes. CINT is one scientific community with scientists and capabilities at both Sandia and Los Alamos. In preparing a proposal, it is best to contact the appropriate CINT scientists at each Lab. Describe how you will take advantage of the opportunity to use this range of capabilities in your CINT User Proposal.

How do I coordinate a CINT proposal with LANSCE beam time or NHMFL magnet time?

CINT encourages coordinated use of these and other major facilities as a part of CINT nanoscale science proposals. Submit one CINT proposal in which all necessary capabilities are requested. CINT will work with you and the other facilities to satisfy their requirements for access.

Should I submit a LANSCE proposal through CINT?

CINT is a scientific community focused upon nanoscience integration. If your idea requires both CINT and LANSCE capabilities to be fully successful, then it should be submitted as a CINT User Proposal. CINT has established a joint review process for proposals that request access to CINT and LANSCE neutron beam time.

Is there a coordinated proposal and selection process amongst the five NSRCs?

Although each NSCR utilizes an external review selection process, the distinctions between Centers and their host Laboratories necessitates that selection decisions be made locally.

While at CINT, can I revise my project and have access to capabilities not identified in my approved proposal? What if I change my mind and want to pursue a new idea that is better than my original proposal?

CINT encourages scientific interactions and expects researchers to respond to unforeseen opportunities. Incremental additional capability requests to achieve the scientific objectives of the proposal will be considered. Significant changes in the original project objective will require re-submission and competition for access.