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Los Alamos National LaboratoryCenter for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Helping you understand, create, and characterize nanomaterials

Discovery Platform

Modular micro-laboratories designed and batch fabricated by CINT to allow easy integration of nanomaterials into microscale structures.


  • Electrochemical
  • Katie Jungjohann
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  • Nanomechanics and Thermal Transport
  • Tom Harris
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Discovery Platform™

The need to reproducibly characterize individual nanostructures or synthesize nanomaterials with exquisite chemical control has inspired CINT to develop Discovery Platforms™. These unique research tools consist of micro-fabricated structures or devices for specific nanoscience experiments. Simple platforms are fabricated in CINT whereas the most complicated devices, essentially a lab-on-achip, are designed and produced in cooperation with the Microsystems Engineering Science and Applications (MESA) facility at Sandia National Laboratories. Discovery Platforms are conceived, designed and commissioned with user input and active participation. They allow users to conduct experiments that are not possible using traditional laboratory equipment. The present suite of Discovery Platforms includes:

Electrochemical Discovery Platform

Electrochemical Discovery PlatformThe ElectroChem Discovery Platform is a microfabricated fluidic platform designed to study electrochemical energy storage processes in real time inside a transmission electron microscope as shown in Figure 8. This platform enables direct observations of solid/liquid interfacial process such as electrode/electrolyte interactions, electrode dissolution in electrolyte and solid-electrolyte interphase layer formation.
Contact: Katie Jungjohann

Nanomechanics and Thermal Transport Discovery Platform

Nanomechanics and Thermal Transportl Discovery PlatformThe goal of the CINT Nanomechanics and Thermal Transport Discovery Platform as shown in Figure 9 is to enable researchers to perform experiments related to nanomechanics, sensing, scanning probe microscopy, in situ TEM, and magnetization measurements, all using structures on a single, small chip-based platform. A new version of this Platform also includes structures for measurements of the electrical properties, thermal properties, electromechanical behavior, and microcalorimetry of nanoscale samples.Contact: Tom Harris

Microfluidics Discovery Platform

Microfluidics Discovery PlatformThe new Microfluidic Synthesis Discovery Platform as shown in Figure 10 is an extremely flexible system for nanoparticle synthesis, functionalization, and realtime
characterization. The microfluidic system utilizes an all-glass chip with a serpentine channel that can hold volumes from 200 microliters to one milliliter and precision temperature control. Real time reaction monitoring via visible and fluorescence microscopy, as well as UV-vis spectroscopy are currently being used with IR spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering to be added in the future.
Contact: Dale Huber