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Los Alamos National LaboratoryCenter for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Helping you understand, create, and characterize nanomaterials

2018 CINT Annual Meeting

September 24-25, 2018
La Fonda on the Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The 2018 CINT Annual Meeting will showcase the innovative research in nanoscience and nanotechnology carried out by CINT scientists and users.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2018 CINT Annual Meeting! You can see some highlights from the conference on CINT Facebook page and read an overview of the meeting in Sandia LabNews.


CINT is an Office of Science national user facility jointly operated by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. Our Annual Meeting is an opportunity to showcase the innovative research in nanoscience and nanotechnology carried out by CINT scientists and users. Join us in September to learn about the capabilities and resources available at CINT as well as the process for becoming a user.

Download the 2018 CINT Annual Meeting flyer (pdf).

Plenary Speakers

Sir Fraser Stoddart
Northwestern University

Sir Fraser Stoddart

Since earning his PhD in chemistry at Edinburgh University in 1967, Sir Fraser Stoddart has become a leading figure in the fields of chemistry and molecular technology. The combination of his research interests in chemistry beyond the molecule and templation has led to the template-directed synthesis, based on molecular recognition and self-assembly processes, of a wide range of mechanically interlocked molecules (e.g., catenanes and rotaxanes). Variants of these have found their way into molecular electronic devices, drug delivery systems, and molecular machines. Stoddart's pioneering work has earned him numerous honors throughout his career. He was appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as a Knight Bachelor in her 2007 New Year's Honours List for services to chemistry and molecular nanotechnology. In 2010, he was the recipient of a Royal Medal, and in 2016 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his design and synthesis of molecular machines.

Prof. Philip Kim
Harvard University

Prof. Philip Kim

Philip Kim is Professor of Physics and Professor of Applied Physics at Harvard University, and is a world leading scientist in materials research. His research area is experimental condensed matter physics with an emphasis on physical properties and applications of nanoscale low-dimensional materials. The focus of Prof. Kim's group research is the mesoscopic investigation of transport phenomena, particularly electric, thermal and thermoelectrical properties of low dimensional nanoscale materials. Prof. Kim's contirbutions to his field are highly regarded, and he is the recipient of the Oliver E. Buckley Prize and the Dresden Barkhausen Award, among other honors.

Prof. Jun Lou
Rice University

Prof. Jun Lou

Jun Lou is Associate Chair of the Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University. He obtained his PhD from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering and Princeton Materials Institute at Princeton University. His research interests include nanomaterial synthesis, nanomechanical characterization and nanodevice fabrication for energy, environment and biomedical applications. Prof. Lou is an Editor-in-Chief at Materials Today and is the recipient of Rice University's Charles Duncan Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.



I: Quantum Materials

CINT Organizers: Mike Lilly, Jinkyoung Yoo, Jian-Xin Zhu, Han Htoon

Confirmed invited speakers:
  • Prof. Victor Acosta (UNM)
  • Prof. Richard Averitt (UCSD)
  • Prof. Nick Bonesteel (FSU)
  • Dr. Malcolm Boshier (LANL)
  • Prof. Sergey Frolov (PITT)
  • Dr. Tzu-Ming Lu (SNL)
  • Prof. Chris Palmstrøm (UCSB)
  • Dr. Rohit Prasankumar (CINT)
  • Prof. Shriram Ramanathan (Purdue)
  • Prof. Ivan Schuller (UCSD)
  • Prof. Qimiao Si (Rice)
  • Prof. Kang L. Wang (UCLA)
  • Prof. Liang Wu (UPenn)

II: Soft Materials Imaging

CINT Organizers: Peter Goodwin, Dale Huber

Confirmed invited speakers:
  • Prof. C. Barry Carter (UConn, CINT)
  • Prof. Shery Chang (ASU)
  • Prof. Deborah Fygenson (UCSB)
  • Prof. Keith Lidke (UNM)
  • Prof. David C. Martin (UD)
  • Dr. Gang (Gary) Ren (Molecular Foundry)
  • Dr. Karissa Sanbonmatsu (LANL)
  • Prof. Doug Shepherd (CU Denver)
  • Dr. Haera Shin (CINT)
  • Prof. Phoebe L. Stewart (CWRU)
  • Dr. John Watt (CINT)
  • Prof. Tim Yeh (UT Austin)

III: Emerging Methods in In-Situ Nanomechanics

CINT Organizers: Brad Boyce, Yongqiang Wang

Confirmed invited speakers:
  • Dr. Curt A. Bronkhorst (LANL)
  • Prof. Shen Dillon (UIUC)
  • Dr. Rémi Dingreville (CINT)
  • Dr. Ben Eftink (LANL)
  • Dr. David Frazer (UCB)
  • Dr. Katharine Harrison (SNL)
  • Dr. Nan Li (CINT)
  • Prof. Don Lucca (OSU)
  • Prof. Nathan A. Mara (UMN)
  • Prof. Corinne E. Packard (Mines)
  • Prof. Olivier Pierron (Georgia Tech)
  • Prof. Lin Shao (Texas A&M)
  • Prof. Xinghang Zhang (Purdue)