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Optical Imaging of Soft/Biomolecular Nanomaterials

Extensive optical imaging tools for soft and biomolecular nanomaterials

Capabilities include software and hardware for automated image acquisition including time-lapse imaging, multi-channel image acquisition, and multi-field of view stitching. Control over temperature ranging from ambient to ~60°C can be achieved. In conjunction with the ultra-low dose electron imaging and
super-resolution optical capabilities at CINT, the assembly and dynamics of soft and biomolecular materials can be characterized across multiple length scale, from nano- to meso-scale.

Capabilities include:

Contact: George Bachand

Research Highlights:
Effects of surface chemistry and topology on the kinesin-driven motility of microtubule shuttles
Martinez, H.; Martinez, N. J.; Guo, J.; Lujan, V. R.; Depoy, J.; Brumbach, M. T.; Brinker, C. J.; Bachand, G. D. ACS Applied Bio Materials 2020, 3 (11), 7908–7918.

Kinesin motor density and dynamics in gliding motility
VanDelinder, V.; Imam, Z. I.; Bachand, G. Scientific Reports 2019, 9 (1).

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