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CINT data management policy and resources for data management available to CINT Users

Information Technology Policy

CINT follows the information technology policies of Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories and does not impose additional policies for data generated by our users. Data ownership is defined in our User Agreements (“Rights in Technical Data”) and depends on the type of user agreement enacted (non-proprietary, proprietary, etc.).

User Agreements:


Access to CINT information systems is limited to CINT personnel and CINT users within the scope of their approved CINT user project. Others seeking access to technical data generated or stored at CINT should send inquiries and requests to the relevant CINT user (for a CINT user project) or the LANL/SNL staff member for technical work not performed under a CINT user project. Upon completion of a CINT user project, the user takes possession of the data generated and a back-up copy of the data is retained by CINT. Data associated with publications reporting the results of CINT user projects are available from the CINT user as per the policies of the user’s institution.

Data Storage

CINT does not maintain a centralized data storage/retrieval system for our user community. Our experimental capabilities are typically light-lab instruments with desktop-scale data acquisition computers associated with each instrument. User data are collected and stored on these computers, and most preliminary data analyses are performed during user visits on these desktop computers. The specific software available to users for data reduction and analysis varies with each capability and can be accessed through the CINT staff member who stewards the capability.

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