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One scientific community focused on nanoscience integration

CINT is home to a vibrant community of scientists, technical specialists, and affiliates.

Our Mission

CINT's distinguishing characteristic is our emphasis on exploring the pathways leading from scientific discovery to the integration of nanostructures into the micro and macro worlds. These pathways involve experimental and theoretical exploration of behavior, development of a wide variety of synthesis and processing approaches, and an understanding of new performance regimes, testing design, and integration of nanoscale materials and structures. Integration is key to exploitation of nanomaterials and the scientific integration challenges are at the heart of CINT’s mission.


Our Outreach

Our outreach activities focus on collaborative opportunities to explore the integration of new nanoscale materials into novel architectures and microsystems. Through our user program, conferences, workshops, and speaking engagements, CINT brings together university faculty, students, other national laboratory scientists, and industrial researchers in pursuit of nanoscience discovery.

Our Vision

Advancing the scientific understanding underlying nanoscale integration through the assembly of diverse materials across multiple length scales, with the ultimate goal of designing and achieving new material properties and functionalities. You can read more about our vision in our strategic plan, CINT 2026 (pdf).


Our Future

We look forward to continuing the pursuit of innovative, leading-edge nanotechnology integration through our close partnerships with DOE nanoscience centers, universities, and industrial partners as we explore relationships between nanoscale science and integrated functionality. Of course, next-level science doesn't happen without brilliant, dedicated, diverse staff and CINT actively seeks out those researchers ready to tackle tomorrow's global challenges through nanoscience.


 Jeffrey Nelson (CORE)
Jeffrey Nelson, CINT Director

Ryan Wixom, Sandia Department Manager  (Core)
Ryan Wixom, Sandia Department Manager

Sandia Department Manager Brian Swartzentruber (Core)
Brian Swartzentruber, Sandia Department Manager

CINT User Program Manager Heather Brown
Heather Brown, User Program Manager

Co-Director Adam Rondinone
Adam Rondinone, CINT Co-Director

MPA-CINT Deputy Group Leader Michael Pettes (Gateway)
Michael Pettes, MPA-CINT Deputy Group Leader

MPA-CINT Deputy Group Leader Ricardo Marti-Arbona (Gateway)
Ricardo Marti-Arbona, MPA-CINT Deputy Group Leader

CINT Communications and Outreach Coordinator Stacy Baker
Stacy Baker, Communications and Outreach Coordinator

CINT Scientists

Our staff is organized by scientific thrust. CINT scientists work with users and also lead original research in nanomaterials integration. You can find out more about our scientists on their profiles pages.

In-Situ Characterization
and Nanomechanics

Nanophotonics and Optical

Soft, Biological, and Composite Nanomaterials

Quantum Materials

CINT Technical Scientists

As technical subject matter experts and instrument operators, our technical specialists work with users and staff to conduct research.

CINT Affiliate Scientists

These scientists contribute their expertise and capabilities to the CINT community via collaborations with CINT scientists and users.

Distinguished Affiliates

In-Situ Characterization
and Nanomechanics

Nanophotonics and Optical

Soft, Biological, and
Composite Nanomaterials

Quantum Materials


CINT Postdoctoral Researchers

The Postdoctoral Research program offers the opportunity for appointees to perform research in a robust scientific R&D environment, present and publish research, advance knowledge in basic and applied nanoscience, and strengthen national scientific and technical capabilities.

  Postdoctoral Researchers — CINT/LANL Mentors

  • Seungbae Ahn —  
  • Vigneshwaran Chandrasekaran — Han Htoon/Jen Hollingsworth
  • Christopher Delaney —
  • Yue Huang — Dmitry Yarotski
  • Sundar Kunwar — Aiping Chen/Wanyi Nie
  • Jacob LaNasa — Kyungtae Kim
  • Yixuan Huang — Jianxin Zhu/ Vivien Zapf
  • Xiangzhi Li — Han Htoon/ Scott Crooker
  • Magdalena Owczarek — Wanyi Nie/ Vivien Zapf
  • David Parobek — Sergei Ivanov/ Jen Hollingsworth
  • Jacob Pettine — Hou-Tong Chen/
  • Soham Saha —
  • Manish Singh — John Watt
  • Xuejing Wang — Jinkyoung Yoo
  • Dongyue Xie — Nan Li/Saryu Fensin
  • Di Zhang — Aiping Chen/Rod McCabe
  • Huan Zhao — Han Htoon


  Postdoctoral Researchers — CINT/Sandia Mentors

  • Kimberly Bassett — Brad Boyce
  • Luca Basso — Andy Mounce
  • Cody Bezik — Amalie Frischknecht
  • Ophelia Bolmin — Brad Boyce
  • Nathan Brady — George Bachand
  • Elton Chen — Remi Dingreville
  • Ryan DeMott — Khalid Hattar
  • Saaketh Desai — Remi Dingreville
  • Kahlil Dixon — Alex Cerjan/Igal Brener
  • Chloe Doiron — Igal Brener
  • Jacob Henshaw — Andy Mounce / Mike Lilly
  • Chongze Hu — Remi Dingreville
  • Prasad Iyer — Igal Brener
  • Hyunseung Jung — Igal Brener
  • Ryan Kahn — Frank Delrio/Remi Dingreville
  • Nathan Madden — Khalid Hattar
  • Joseph Monti — Remi Dingreville
  • Sueli Ramos — Tom Harris
  • Alejandro Santos — Brad Boyce
  • Ethan Scott — Tom Harris
  • Ryan Schoell — Khalid Hattar
  • Kathryn Small — Khalid Hattar
  • Jacob Startt — Remi Dingreville
  • Daniel Vizoso — Remi Dingreville

CINT Users and Executive Committee

Membership in the CINT Users Association (CINT-UA) is open to all those who are named as an investigator or collaborator on an approved CINT User Proposal in the current calendar year or in either of the two preceding calendar years.

The User Executive Committee (UEC) provides a voice for the CINT user community and an organized framework for communicating with CINT management and other DOE Nanoscale Science Research Centers. The UEC helps organize the CINT Annual Meeting and advises the CINT management team on matters of concern to Users. The UEC is led by a Chair and Vice-Chair who are elected from within the UEC according to the Bylaws.




Current UEC members

Prof. Siddhartha (Sid) Pathak
Users Assn. Chair
Iowa State University

Dr. Erika Vreeland
Sandia National Laboratories

Prof. Plamen Atanassov
University of California, Irvine

Prof. Tito Busani
University of New Mexico


Shalini Tripathi
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Dr. Steven Hayden
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Prof. Don Lucca
Oklahoma State University

Alan Van Orden
Oklahoma State University



CINT-UA Charter
You can download and review the CINT-UA Charter/Bylaws. Comments or questions regarding the Charter/Bylaws may be directed to the UEC Chair or to the CINT User Program Manager.

CINT Operations Support and Administration

Core Facility

Gateway Facility

 Core Facility

  • Kelly Esquibel
    Administrative Assistant
  • Ana Lopez-Arvilla
    Receptionist/User Training

 Gateway Facility

  • Agnieszka Cruz
    Professional Staff Assistant
  • Angela Martinez
    Administrative Assistant
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