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IV Semiconductor Chemical Vapor Deposition

A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor, dedicated to growth of high-quality and electrically doped Si/Ge nanowire heterostructures with controlled interfaces.

Features of the CVD system for Si/Ge nanowire heterostructures guarantee precise control of electrical doping concentration and interfacial widths of heterostructure, uniformity in a substrate, and reproducible growth of sophisticated nanowire heterostructures.

Capabilities include:

Technical Specifications:

Contact: Jinkyoung Yoo

Research Highlight:
Progressive inward growth of solid-electrolyte interphase causes capacity fading of large volume changing anodes
He, Y.; Jiang, L.; Chen, T.; Xu, Y.; Jia, H.; Yi, R.; Xue, D.; Song, M.; Genc, A.; Bouchet-Marquis, C.; Pullan, L.; Tessner, T.; Yoo, J.; Li, X.; Zhang, J.-G.; Zhang, S.; Wang, C. Nature Nanotechnology 2021, 16 (10), 1113–1120.

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