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Atomic Layer Deposition System

ALD offers a unique means for the conformal deposition of dielectric and metallic films on 3D nanostructures with single atomic layer control

Housed in our Integration Lab,This state-of-the-art atomic layer deposition (ALD) system,  utilizes
precursor gases with single atomic layer control to enable conformal coating for nanoscale structure integration.

Capabilities include:

Technical Specifications:

Contact: John Nogan

Research Highlight:
Mechanical properties of Al2O3-functionalized nanoporous gold foams under irradiation
Lionello, D. F.; Ramallo, J. I.; Caro, M.; Wang, Y. Q.; Sheehan, C.; Baldwin, J. K.; Nogan, J.; Caro, A.; Fuertes, M. C.; Ruestes, C. J. Journal of Materials Research 2021, 36 (10), 2001–2009.

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