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MEsoscale Multi-physics PHase fIeld Simulator (MEMPHIS)

A user-friendly, multi-physics, phase-field simulation tool for both modelers and experimentalists alike to study the dynamic evolution of microstructures and their associated properties

Contact: Rémi Dingreville

Research Highlights:
Microstructure morphology and concentration modulation of nanocomposite thin-films during simulated physical vapor deposition.
Stewart, J. A.; Dingreville, R. Acta Materialia 2020, 18 (8) 181-191.

Compositionally-Driven Formation Mechanism of Hierarchical Morphologies in Co-Deposited Immiscible Alloy Thin Films.
Powers, M.; Stewart, J. A.; Dingreville, R.; Derby, B. K.; Misra, A. Nanomaterials 2021, 11(10), 2635.

Stability of immiscible nanocrystalline alloys in compositional and thermal fields. Monti, J. M.; Hopkins, E. M.; Hattar, K.; Abdeljawad, F.; Boyce, B. L.; Dingreville, R. Acta Materialia 2022, 226, 117620.

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