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Theory and Simulation of Complex Fluids including Polymers, Polymer Nanocomposites, and Inhomogeneous Charged Fluids

Simulations give insight into structure and dynamics that can be difficult to measure experimentally. Additionally, molecular simulations can often be compared directly to scattering measurements and thus provide additional insight into nanoscale phenomena. We have particular interest and expertise in charged polymers and polymer nanocomposites.



Contact: Amalie Frischknecht

Research Highlights:
Self-Assembled Vesicles from Mixed Brush Nanoparticles in Solution
Koski J. P.; Frischknecht, A. L. Macromolecules 2021, 54, 5144-5154.

Fluorine-Free Precise Polymer Electrolyte for Efficient Proton Transport: Experiments and Simulations
Paren, B. A.; Thurston, B. A.; Kanthawar, A.; Neary, W. J.; Kendrick, A.; Maréchal, M.; Kennemur, J. G.; Stevens, M. J.; Frischknecht, A. L.; Winey, K. I. Chemistry of Materials 2021, 33, (5) 6041–51.

Impact of Hydration and Sulfonation on the Morphology and Ionic Conductivity of Sulfonated Poly(phenylene) Proton Exchange Membranes
Sorte, E. G.; Paren, B. A.; Rodriquez, C. G.; Fujimoto, C.; Poirier, C.; Abbott, L. J.; Lynd, N. A.; Winey, K. I.; Frischknecht, A. L.; Alam, T. M. Macromolecules 2019, 52, 857-876.

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