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4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (4D STEM)

4D scanning transmission electron microscopy enabled by detector advances and post-experiment computational algorithms

4D-STEM is capable of wide field-of-view (FOV) nano structural characterization with a spatial resolution on the order of 1 nm, giving users both strain and orientation information at the nanoscale in addition to whole-pattern diffraction analysis. This capability is available at both the Core and Gateway facilities.

Capabilities include:

Stephen House (Core)
Matthew Schneider (Gateway)
Michael Pettes (Gateway)

Research Highlights:

Visualizing grain statistics in MOCVD WSe2 through four-dimensional scanning transmission electron microscopy
Londoño-Calderon, A.; Dhall, R.; Ophus, C.; Schneider, M.; Wang, Y.; Dervishi, E.; Kang, H. S.; Lee, C.-H.; Yoo, J.; Pettes, M. T. Nano Letters 2022, 22, 2578–2585.

Evidence of intrinsic helical twist and chirality in ultrathin tellurium nanowires
Londoño-Calderon, A.; Williams, D. J.; Schneider, M. M.; Savitzky, B. H.; Ophus, C.; Ma, S.; Zhu, H.; Pettes, M. T. Nanoscale 2021, 13, 9606-9614.

Local lattice deformation of tellurene grain boundaries by four-dimensional electron microscopy
Londoño-Calderon, A.; Williams, D. J.; Schneider, M.; Savitzky, B. H.; Ophus, C.; Pettes, M. T.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021, 125, 3396–3405.

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