Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies

Helping you understand, create, and characterize nanomaterials

Optical Microscopy and Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Advanced spectroscopic techniques can be combined with optical microscopy to provide a suite of tools for characterizing spatially dependent properties of nanoscale materials

Capabilities include:

Jim Werner
Dean Morales

Research Highlight:
Widespread Bacterial Diversity within the Bacteriome of Fungi
Robinson, A. J.; House, G. L.; Morales, D. P.; Kelliher, J. M.; Gallegos-Graves, L. V.; LeBrun, E. S.; Davenport, K. W.; Palmieri, F.; Lohberger, A.; Bregnard, D.; Estoppey, A.; Buffi, M.; Paul, C.; Junier, T.; Hervé, V.; Cailleau, G.; Lupini, S.; Nguyen, H. N.; Zheng, A. O.; Gimenes, L. J.; Bindschedller, S.; Rodrigues, D. F.; Werner, J. H.; Young, J. D.; Junier, P.; Chain, P. S. Communications Biology 2021, 4 (1).

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