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General FAQ

Can I get a CINT scientist to work with me to help create a proposal?
Yes! Contact a CINT scientist; they are ready to work with you. CINT strongly encourages collaborations with our staff members.

Is it necessary to collaborate? Are my chances of acceptance the same either way?
It is not necessary to collaborate in order to be a CINT User. All proposals will be given equal consideration in this regard. Each proposal will be evaluated for scientific quality and feasibility. After external review, accepted proposals will be prioritized based upon scientific merit and relevance to the objectives stated in the proposal call and available resources.

Can I work primarily with a scientist at one lab and also have access to another capability (synthesis, characterization, etc.) at the other lab?
Absolutely yes. CINT is one scientific community with scientists and capabilities at both Sandia and Los Alamos. In preparing a proposal, it is best to contact the appropriate CINT scientists at each Lab. Describe how you will take advantage of the opportunity to use this range of capabilities in your CINT User Proposal.

How do I coordinate a CINT proposal with LANSCE beam time or NHMFL magnet time? CINT encourages coordinated use of these and other major facilities as a part of CINT nanoscale science proposals. Submit one CINT proposal in which all necessary capabilities are requested. CINT will work with you and the other facilities to satisfy their requirements for access.

Should I submit a LANSCE proposal through CINT?
CINT is a scientific community focused upon nanoscience integration. If your idea requires both CINT and LANSCE capabilities to be fully successful, then it should be submitted as a CINT User Proposal. CINT has established a joint review process for proposals that request access to CINT and LANSCE neutron beam time.

Is there a coordinated proposal and selection process amongst the five NSRCs?
Although each NSCR utilizes an external review selection process, the distinctions between Centers and their host Laboratories necessitates that selection decisions be made locally.

While at CINT, can I revise my project and have access to capabilities not identified in my approved proposal? What if I change my mind and want to pursue a new idea that is better than my original proposal?
CINT encourages scientific interactions and expects researchers to respond to unforeseen opportunities. Incremental additional capability requests to achieve the scientific objectives of the proposal will be considered. Significant changes in the original project objective will require re-submission and competition for access.

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