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Integration Lab


 Cleanroom/Parts Clean

Contact: John Nogan


Once your user project has been accepted, follow these steps to request access to the CINT Integration Laboratory (IL)

  1. User provides accepted user project number and list of desired tools to be accessed to IL manager, John Nogan.
  2. The IL manager will send a list of the required corporate mandated classes to the user and notify the training coordinator of the students needs. These classes must be completed prior to getting unescorted access to the IL.
  3. The user completes all of the assigned corporate mandated training classes.
  4. User provides proof, i.e. date of completion, of training, i.e. date of completion, to the IL manager.
  5. User reads/signs facility users guides (FUG’s) for the required IL functional groups.
  6. User receives lab specific training from IL personnel.
  7. The lead process engineer submits a badge request to IL manager for the user. The training coordinator is notified by IL manager to program the card reader to allow badge swipe access.
  8. User receives equipment specific training from an authorized user. This training does not have to include all of the equipment in the IL, only what's needed by the user to complete the desired task. Subsequent training to follow as needed.
  9. User demonstrates proficient operation of the tool to the tool owner. This occurs on an as-needed basis.
  10. User is free to work unsupervised, however the buddy system may still apply depending on the operation and task.
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