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Atomic Precision Advanced Manufacturing

Atomic-Precision Advanced Manufacturing (APAM) Si Nanoelectronics Capability

This instrument, in association with etch and deposition capabilities, provides powerful nanofabrication of a wide variety of materials and applications.

Capabilities  include:

Contact: Ezra Bussmann

Research Highlights:
Atomic-precision advanced manufacturing for Si quantum computing.
Bussmann, E., Butera, R. E., Owen, J. H., Randall, J. N., Rinaldi, S. M., Baczewski, A. D.; Misra, S. MRS Bulletin 2021, 46 (7), 607–615.

Impact of incorporation kinetics on device fabrication with atomic precision
Ivie, J. A., Campbell, Q., Koepke, J. C., Brickson, M. I., Schultz, P. A., Muller, R. P., Mounce, A. M., Ward, D. R., Carroll, M. S., Bussmann, E., Baczewski, A. D.; Misra, S. Physical Review Applied 2021, 16 (5).

Heterogeneous nucleation of pits via step pinning during Si (100) homoepitaxy
Yitamben, E. N., Butera, R. E., Swartzentruber, B. S., Simonson, R. J., Misra, S., Carroll, M. S.; Bussmann, E. New Journal of Physics 2017, 19 (11), 113023.

Ge diffusion at the Si (100) surface
Bussmann, E.; Swartzentruber, B. S. Physical Review Letters 2010, 104 (12).

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