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Nanoimplantation at the CORE Ion Beam Laboratory

The Ion Beam Materials Laboratory (IBML) is a Sandia National Laboratories resource devoted to the characterization and modification of surfaces through the use of ion beams

Capabilities include:

Contact: Michael Titze

Research Highlights:

In Situ Ion Counting for Improved Implanted Ion Error Rate and Silicon Vacancy Yield Uncertainty
Titze, M.; Byeon, H.; Flores, A.; Henshaw, J.; Harris, C. T.; Mounce, A. M.; Bielejec, E. S. Nano Letters 2022, 22 (8), 3212–3218.

Long-range cooperative resonances in rare-earth ion arrays inside photonic resonators Pak, D.; Nandi, A.; Titze, M.; Bielejec, E. S.; Alaeian, H.; Hosseini, M. Communications Physics 2022, 5 (1).

Large-scale integration of artificial atoms in hybrid photonic circuits
Wan, N. H.; Lu, T.-J.; Chen, K. C.; Walsh, M. P.; Trusheim, M. E.; De Santis, L.; Bersin, E. A.; Harris, I. B.; Mouradian, S. L.; Christen, I. R.; Bielejec, E. S.; Englund, D. Nature 2020, 583 (7815), 226–231.

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