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Apertureless Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy (Nano-FTIR)

Investigate complex physical behaviors in systems

Investigate complex physical behaviors in systems including strongly correlated materials, plasmonic response and wave propagation in 2D materials,
nano-wires and carbon nanotubes, resonances in metamaterials, and other
nano-structured materials and functional photonic devices.

The neaSpec scattering type scanning near-field optical microscope (s-SNOM) provides
high spatial resolution (<20 nm) imaging and spectroscopy (nano-FTIR) with ultrafast
pump-probe capability. It is equipped with femtosecond laser sources at near-infrared 780 nm, 1560 nm, and mid-infrared ranging from 4.7 to 15.3 μm (by DFG), as well as a mid-IR quantum cascade laser unit covering wavelength ranging from 7.5 to 11 μm.

Hou-Tong Chen
Andy Jones

Research Highlights:
Observation of Intersubband Polaritons in a Single Nanoantenna Using Nano-FTIR Spectroscopy
Wang, F.; Habteyes, T. G.; Luk, T. S.; Klem, J. F.; Brener, I.; Chen, H.-T.; Mitrofanov, O. Nano Letters 2019, 19, 4620.

Hybrid graphene metasurfaces for high-speed mid-infrared light modulation and single-pixel imaging
Zeng, Z.; Huang, A.; Singh, Y.; Yao, A. K.; Azad, A.; Mohite, D.; Taylor, A. J. ; Smith, D. R.; Chen,  H.-T. Light: Science & Applications 2018, 7, 51.

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