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Chemistry of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials

Preparation of high-quality 0D-2D semiconductor, metal alloys and intermetallics

Nanocrystals (from 0D nanosize particles and1D nanorods to 2D nanosheets) are prepared with a target functionality in mind and by working closely with physicists who provide feedback on the desired targeted properties to guide the synthetic work.

Lab researchers strive to understand effects of reaction conditions on particle size, morphology, surface structure, and functionalization. In turn, these characteristics get optimized for a needed application.

Research is focused on the preparation of new compositions (nanosize metal alloys, intermetallics, and various 2D materials) and new morphologies and shapes (from compact and isotropic cores and core/shells to highly anisotropic nanorods/nanowires, 2D nanoflakes) to target properties as:

To tackle all these challenges, nanocrystal chemical precursor development and ligand/surfactant development are pursued when necessary.

Contact: Sergei Ivanov

Research Highlight:
2D nanocrystalline ternary selenides Cu2MSe4 (M = Mo/W
Li, M. M.; Ivanov, S. A. Dalton Transactions 2019, 48 (42), 15795-15801.

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