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Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS, Quantum Design)

A unique laboratory equipment designed to perform a variety of automated measurements

Available measurement options include all required hardware and electronics to immediately begin collecting publication-quality data and the system is also easily adapted to custom user experiments.

Capabilities include: 

Measurement Options:

Contact: Aiping Chen

Research highlights:
The Role of Oxygen Transfer in Oxide Heterostructures on Functional Properties
Corey, Z.; Han, H. H.; Kang, K. T.; Wang, X.; Lalk, R. A.; Paudel, B.; Roy, P.; Sharma, Y.; Yoo, J.; Jia, Q.; Chen, A. Advanced Materials Interfaces 2022, 9 (11), 2101867.

Effect of Lattice Strain on Magnetism in Epitaxial YCrO3 Thin Films
Paudel, B.; Sharma, Y.; Derby, B. K.; Pilania, G.; Schneider, M. M.; Jones, A. C.; Nakotte, H.; Pettes, M. T.; Chen, A. Materials Research Letters 2022, 10 (1), 29–35.

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