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Simultaneous TGA/DSC Analyzer

Indispensable techniques in the design of new metal precursors and understanding the structure/composition of nanocomposites

Thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry (TGA/DSC, Netzsch STA 449 F1 Jupiter) are complementary techniques to investigate a material’s response to different temperatures — mass change (e.g., decomposition or sublimation temperatures) and thermal changes often unaccompanied by the mass change as a function of temperature (e.g., melting, glass transition, second order phase transition, enthalpy, and heat capacity measurements). Upgrade of the instruments with GC/MS analyzer of the decomposition products is pending. 

Contact: Sergei Ivanov

Research Highlight:
Amorphous and crystalline GeTe nanocrystals
Arachchige, I; Soriano, R.;  Malliakas, C.; Ivanov, S.; Kanatzidis M. Advanced Functional Matererials 2011, 21(14), 2737-2743.

Cubic SnGe nanoallowys: Beyond thermodynamic composition limit
Ramasamy, K.; Kotula, P.; Modine, N.; Brumbach, M.; Pietryga, J.; Ivanov, S. Chemical Communications. 2019, 55, 2773-2776.

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