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Quantum Transport Measurement

Investigate complex physical behaviors

Investigate complex physical behaviors in systems including, but not limited to, strongly correlated materials, low-dimensional solid-state structures, 2D materials, nanoscale quantum systems,  and other nano-structured materials and functional devices through electronic measurements at cryogenic temperatures.


Tzu-Ming Lu
Wei Pan
Priscila Rosa

Research Highlight:
High kinetic inductance NbTiN superconducting transmission line resonators in the very thin film limit
Bretz-Sullivan, T. M.; Lewis, R. M.; Lima-Sharma, A. L.; Lidsky, D.; Smyth, C. M.; Harris, C. T.; Venuti, M.; Eley, S.; Lu, T.-M. Applied Physics Letters 2022, 121 (5), 052602.




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