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III-V Compound Semiconductor Epitaxial Growth Systems

Explore leading-edge epitaxial growth technologies

CINT offers two epitaxial growth technologies for III-V semiconductors:

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) and Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD). Users can request specific epitaxial stacks from the following systems: 

Technical Specifications: Wafers are up to 2” diameter for GaSb, up to 3” for InP, and up to 4” diameter for GaAs-based structures.

Contact: Sadhvikas Addamane

Technical Expert: Terry Hargett

Research Highlights:
Broadband continuous single-mode tuning of a short-cavity quantum-cascade VECSEL
—Using reflectarray metasurface technology, GaAs-based short-cavity single-mode lasers were realized with continuous tunability over more than 20% fractional bandwidth. This approach does not sacrifice laser performance; power and wall-plug efficiencies are high and high-quality beam patterns were achieved. 
Curwen, C. A.; Reno, J. L.; Williams, B. S. Nature Photonics 2019, 13 (12), 855–859.

Manipulation of quantum dot emission with semiconductor metasurfaces exhibiting magnetic quadrupole resonances
—Quantum Dots (QDs) were integrated into GaAs metasurfaces; spectral and directional control of the spontaneous emission from QDs was demonstrated. This publication was selected as an Editor’s Pick in Optics Express.  
Vaskin, A.; Liu, S.; Addamane, S.; Vabishchevich, P. P.; Yang, Y.; Balarishnan, G.; Sinclair, M. B.; Pertsch, T.; Brener, I.; Staude, I. Optics Express 2021, 29 (4), 5567.

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