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Crystal Growth of Strongly Correlated Materials

Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) enables the growth of complex nanostructures based on the III-V and III-nitride (AlGaInN) semiconductor materials systems, including nanowires (NWs) and quantum dots (QDs)

Quantum materials with strong electron-electron interactions offer a powerful platform for the
study of emergent phenomena in the nanoscale that can be utilized in technological applications ranging from spintronics to quantum computing. The design, discovery, and optimization of quantum materials plays a central role in materials research, and requires the synthesis of high-quality single-crystalline samples.

To evaluate the crystallinity, phase purity, and structural parameters of our single crystals, we perform structural characterization through in-house powder x-ray diffraction (PANalytical Empyrean), single crystal x-ray diffraction (Bruker D8 Venture), and Laue back-scattering diffraction (Photonic Science).

Capabilities include:

Contact: Priscila Rosa

Research highlights:
Robust Narrow-Gap Semiconducting Behavior in Square-Net La3CD2as6
Piva, M. M.; Rahn, M. C.; Thomas, S. M.; Scott, B. L; Pagliuso, P. G.; Thompson, J. D.;  Schoop, L. M.; Ronning, F.; Rosa, P. F. Chemistry of Materials 2021, 33, no. 11, 4122–27.

Fingerprinting Triangular-Lattice Antiferromagnet by Excitation Gaps
Avers, K. E.; Maksimov, P. A.; Rosa, P. F. S.; Thomas, S. M.; Thompson, J. D.; Halperin, W. P.;  Movshovich, R.; Chernyshev, A. L. Physical Review B. American Physical Society  2021,

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