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Non-Blinking Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Applications

Non-blinking nanocrystal quantum dots (NQDs) that emit in the visible and the near-infrared — developed by exploring effects of shell thickness, core size, core/shell electronic structure, and internal nanoscale interface properties

These NQDs are also characterized by strongly suppressed Auger recombination and are essentially non-photobleaching. Their characteristic large effective Stokes shift affords minimized self-reabsorption. Their improved performance compared to conventional NQDs has been demonstrated in solid-state light-emitting devices as well as in biological applications as single-molecule optical probes. Although known as "giant" NQD (g-NQDs), these unique optical nanomaterials are still typically <15 nm in size. We continue to advance new g-NQD compositions and applications and aim to engage with Users in fundamental studies and further demonstrations of enhanced applications.

Contact: Jennifer Hollingsworth

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