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Physical Vapor Deposition of Nanostructured Materials

Control Microstructural Features — Crystallography, Chemistry, Size, Interface Structure, and Phase

Six physical vapor deposition chambers (3 PVD, 1 E-beam, 1 dual ion beam source, and 1 thermal evaporator) allows our scientists and users to deposit novel materials including complex oxides, strain engineered multilayers, graded high entropy alloys, and thick epitaxial films. Heated and biased stages allow for intimate control over several microstructural features such as texture, density, chemistry, and grain size. A new HiPIMS unit will allow for dense metallic and nitride thin films. In-Situ growth diagnostics including a laser curvature tool, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and RHEED monitoring systems, measure internal stress, modulus, and crystallography of films as they are being grown.


Capabilities include:

Future capabilities:


Ben Derby

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