Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies

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Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Culture Facilities

Grow and maintain prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Explore a wide variety of nanoengineered substrates, nano-probes (e.g., quantum dots), and nanoscale imaging techniques for the study of physiological cell behaviors. CINT has the capabilities to grow and maintain prokaryotic (i.e., bacterial) and eukaryotic (e.g., fungal) cells and mammalian cell lines, as well as tissues.
Capabilities include:

For inquiries on the availability of specific organisms and cell lines, please contact:
Dean Morales (Gateway Facility in Los Alamos)
Lisa Phipps  (Gateway Facility in Los Alamos)

Users wishing to bring their own organisms, cell lines, or tissue samples should contact us regarding feasibility, ES&H requirements, and necessary approvals. 

Research Highlights:
Kinesin-Recruiting Microtubules Exhibit Collective Gliding Motion While Forming Motor Trails
Tsitkov, Stanislav, Yuchen Song, Juan B. Rodriguez, Yifei Zhang, and Henry Hess. ACS Nano 2020, 14 (12), 16547–57.

Combined Chemical and Topographical Guidance Cues for Directing Cytoarchitectural Polarization in Primary Neurons
Greene, Adrienne C., Cody M. Washburn, George D. Bachand, and Conrad D. James. Biomaterials 2011, 32 (34), 8860–69.

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