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Theory of Quantum Dynamics and Ultrafast Optical Probes of Correlated Systems

Investigate complex physical behaviors in systems, including strongly correlated materials, plasmonic response and wave propagation in 2D materials, nano-wires and carbon nanotubes, resonances in metamaterials, and other nano-structured materials and functional photonic devices

Perform theoretical simulations of quasiparticle and order parameter dynamics of strongly correlated quantum systems coupled to ultrafast laser pulse field, including simulations of time-resolved optical conductivity, time-resolved angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy, and high-harmonic generation.

Capabilities include:

Contact: Jianxin Zhu

Research Highlight:
Ultrafast Laser-Driven Many-Body Dynamics and Kondo Coherence Collapse
Zhu, W.; Fauseweh, B.; Chacon, A.; Zhu, J.-T. Physical Review B. 2021.

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