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2D and 3D Single Molecule and Particle Tracking

Custom 3D tracking microscope via confocal feedback and conventional 2D single molecule tracking via fluorescence microscopy with an EM-CCD camera

Unique in-house developed capabilities in active feedback for time-resolved 3D tracking of single nanoparticles, organic dyes, and fluorescent proteins.

Capabilities include:

Technical Specifications:

Jim Werner
Dean Morales

Research Highlights:
3D Particle Transport in Multichannel Microfluidic Networks with Rough Surfaces
Ryan, D. P.; Chen, Y.; Nguyen, P.; Goodwin, P. M.; Carey, J. W.; Kang, Q.; Werner, J. H.; Viswanathan, H. S. Scientific Reports 2020, 10 (1).

Three-Dimensional Single-Molecule Tracking in Living Cell
Kalb, D. M.; Ryan, D. P.; Morales, D. P.; Goodwin, P. M.; Werner, J. H. Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Single Molecules 2019, 229–267.

Multicolor Three-Dimensional Tracking for Single-Molecule Fluorence Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements
Keller, A. M.; DeVore, M. S.; Stich, D. G.; Vu, D. M.; Causgrove, T.; Werner, J. H. Analytical Chemistry 2018, 90 (10), 6109–6115.

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