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Rigaku SmartLab XRD System

The new industry standard for multipurpose X -ray diffractometers

A highly versatile automated X -ray diff raction (XRD) system, the newest SmartLab diff ractometer off ers continued refinement of the ease-of-use features that enabled the original SmartLab diff ractometer to receive the coveted R&D 100 Award, such as automatic alignment, component recognition, Cross Beam Optics and a 2D detector. SmartLab began as the flagship model from Rigaku in 2006 and new leading-edge, advanced technologies have been continuously introduced over the years. This newest addition to the SmartLab series of high-resolution X-ray diff raction analyzers is engineered to provide the best performance in all X -ray diff raction or scattering applications by offering not only breakthrough hardware, but also advanced “User Guidance” functionality within the new SmartLab Studio II software.

Capabilities include:

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Darrick Williams
Aiping Chen

Research highlights:
Quasi-2D perovskite crystalline layers for direct conversion X-ray imaging.
Tsai, H.; Shrestha, S.; Pan, L.; Huang, H. H.; Strzalka, J.; Williams, D.; Wang, L.; Cao, L. R.; Nie, W. Advanced Materials 2022, 34 (13), 2106498.

Optically translucent BaFCl:Sm2+ scintillating micro-particle composites for radiation detection
Richards, C. G.; Williams, D. J.; Hehlen, M. P.; Hunter, J. F.; Wiggins, B. W. Optical Materials Express 2021, 11 (11), 3676.

Intrinsic Helical Twist and Chirality in Ultrathin Tellurium Nanowire
Londoño-Calderon, A.; Williams, D. J.; Schneider, M. M.; Savitzky, B. H.; Ophus, C.; Ma, S.; Zhu, H.; Pettes, M. T. Nanoscale 2021, 13 (21), 9606–9614.

Induced Ferromagnetism in Epitaxial Uranium Dioxide Thin Films
Sharma, Y.; Paudel, B.; Huon, A.; Schneider, M. M.; Roy, P.; Corey, Z.; SchöSchönemann, R.; Jones, A. C.; Jaime, M.; Yarotski, D. A.; Charlton, T.; Fitzsimmons, M. R.; Jia, Q.; Pettes, M. T.; Yang, P.; Chen, A. Advanced Science, 2022, 9 (33), 2203473.

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