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Super Resolution Optical Imaging

Image static cellular structure or selected nanomaterials

A super-resolution microscope based upon single molecule detection and localization (e.g. PALM, STORM, or d-STORM), including both acquisition and analysis software.

Capabilities include:

Technical Specifications:

Jim Werner
Dean Morales

Research Highlights:
A Framework for Quantitative Analysis of Spectral Data in Two Channels
Ryan, D. P.; Dunlap, M. K.; Majumder, S.; Werner, J. H.; Hollingsworth, J. A.; Gelfand, M. P.; Van Orden, A.; Goodwin, P. M. Applied Physics Letters 2020, 117 (2), 024101.

A Gain Series Method for Accurate EMCCD Calibration
Ryan, D. P.; Dunlap, M. K.; Gelfand, M. P.; Werner, J. H.; Van Orden, A. K.; Goodwin, P. M. Scientific Reports 2021, 11 (1).

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