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Titan Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy (ETEM)

Dynamic structural and chemical nanoscale characterization of materials under relevant reaction conditions

A state-of-the-art image-corrected monochromated Titan Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (ETEM) enables the study of materials dynamics and reactions in gaseous environments with high spatial (sub-Å) and temporal (ms) resolutions. Precision-controlled gas mixtures or controlled-humidity vapors can be introduced directly to the sample using a custom gas-delivery system. The microscope is compatible with a wide variety of sample holders for applying various stimuli (thermal, electrical, mechanical, etc) for recreating relevant reaction conditions in-situ, with or without gas/vapor.

Capabilities include:


Attached gases:


Coming Soon:

A BioContinuum HD Electron Energy-Loss Spectrometer (EELS) system for high-speed STEM chemical mapping and EFTEM imaging with advanced filtering capabilities to improve signal-to-noise of imaging and diffraction.

Contact: Stephen House

Research Highlight:
A single-pt-atom-on-ru-nanoparticle electrocatalyst for co-resilient methanol oxidation.
Poerwoprajitno, A. R.; Gloag, L.; Watt, J.; Cheong, S.; Tan, X.; Lei, H.; Tahini, H. A.; Henson, A.; Subhash, B.; Bedford, N. M.; Miller, B. K.; O’Mara, P. B.; Benedetti, T. M.; Huber, D. L.; Zhang, W.; Smith, S. C.; Gooding, J. J.; Schuhmann, W.; Tilley, R. D. Nature Catalysis 2022, 5 (3), 231–237.

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